our mission
"To empower you to
un-muck the World"
We reckon Trash Vortex is a great name for a death metal band but a really shite way to describe parts of our oceans. And the sight of marine life tangled in nets and plastic littering our beaches gets us totally ‘raged.

It’s not hard to be pissed at the state of the world and the poison chalice we’re handing our kids. We’ve all jumped on the cheap convenience of plastic and now it pollutes every pocket of the Earth.

At WildClean we’re all recovering polluters who reached their individual epiphanies in different ways, but all arrived at the same place: fury at the state of the world, worry for our kids, and immense frustration that making personal changes at home was so bloody difficult.

Truthfully Wild's not about cleaning, so much as positive planet impact, and cleaning is just the start point. We're trying to figure this out in our own homes (in real time) and we want to enable others to also make small, simple, sometimes imperfect, changes, along with us.

So we get it. Like us you want to make an impact on the plastastrophe but just don’t know where to start.

So we decided to channel our fury into creating a business that finally gives people an opportunity to change for good, and make an impact like nobody else in this heavily green-washed space.

Hence: WildClean; owned & operated in Aotearoa and the USA, and the world’s first certified plastic-negative cleaning co.

Because the planet needs a wild new way.

A Wild journey
We’re recovering polluters, lovers of the wild and parents, tired of the state of the planet. Our oceans are in a hot mess, victims of the packaging industry that’s been outsourcing its waste responsibilities for decades.

We’ve seen the magic of our childhoods spent enjoying our oceans, coastlines, and wilderness slipping out of the grasp of our own children. With them as our North Stars, we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding ways to un-muck the world by disruptively turning heavily polluting product categories plastic-negative.

Our brand is drawn from an echo of Patagonia’s belief that 'a love of the wild places demands participation in the fight to save them'.

We know you’re as sick of that dirty waste aftertaste as we are. So we’ve created a solution that makes it easy for you to make everyday choices that do right by this place we all call home; and the opportunity to join us in a movement that can – if we all lean in and show up – leave our kids a better planet.

Turns out: it's not easy to do this right! We’ve been down a rabbit hole of epic fails over the last year and a half; navigating a complex matrix of regulation, education, inspiration and better commercialisation.

But we’ve taken everything we learned from years of building businesses that make better things in better ways, and focussed that on making it easy for you to ghost the hell out of single-use plastic.

We’ve put the hurt on dirt in a wild new way: non-toxic dissolvables in home compostable sachets and boxes; bottles made from up-cycled waste plastic, and literally pulling plastic out of waste streams while you’re cleaning.

We’re still learning (nobody has a 100% recycled solution for those blardy spray nozzles...yet ) and right now our supply chain means overseas freight so we're double carbon offsetting that until we can remedy it. These are challenges we'll overcome because we’re committed to always pushing forward, on a journey you're invited to come on with us as we un-muck the world.

If you’re foaming at the mouth about the way you’ve been forced to foam at the sink, jump on in and get cleaner, beaches.

This one’s for our kids.

Glenn, Rich, Chris, Dan & the Wild team

November 2021

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