You can absolutely use existing ones, if you prefer. Things to ensure include: 

  1. Is the spray bottle a 16oz volume (approximately 500 ml) size?
  2. Is the hand soap bottle a 9oz (approximately 270 ml) volume size, with a foaming pump?

If the answer to both Q’s is ‘yes!’ then go for it. If the answer is no then we fear your experience will be less than optimal. It’s worth mentioning that the WildClean bottles are designed to last a lifetime and are made from waste plastic so by using them, you’re helping do the dirty work of cleaning up the planet!

Founded by 4 ‘recovering polluters’ (3 Kiwis, 1 American) who lived close by to each other in Boulder, Colorado, before Covid tore them apart, the WILD Group hails from the green and sunny shores of Aotearoa New Zealand. We have team in both New Zealand, and the USA; and our supply chain (set up to tackle the USA until Covid altered our plans) is based in the US, Australia, and China.

The Wild Group is headquartered in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, and our team’s split between NZ and Boulder, Colorado.

We're not just a cleaning co, we're an impact co, and our target of choice is the elimination of single-use plastic from homes. We're off to a fairly useful start, being certified as one of the world’s first plastic-negative cleaning co and we aspire to be the world’s first waste-negative cleaning co. (For clarity that’s quite a leap from ‘zero waste’, which of itself is awesome). We reckon we’re close to being able to claim that because: 

  • We’ve eliminated toxins from our cleaners
  • Our packaging is compostable
  • We’ve up-cycled waste plastic into ‘forever’ bottles*
  • We're committed to removing 2 WildClean bottles' worth of plastic from waste streams for every 1 bottle purchased by a customer, through our partnership with

Our commitment to use only sustainable, and up-cycled waste materials is absolute. Mostly because it’s the right thing to do, but also because we want to do more than just provide an alternative to Big Clean’s single-use plastic addiction. We want to work actively to cure it. So we have lofty goals, but we’re also pretty low key, direct and occasionally even witty (usually by mistake, obvs). 

*NOTE: we’ve been working/testing/trialling/mostly failing for over a year to ensure that our bottles are made from 100% up-cycled plastic, only to be thwarted by the reality that no one has yet cracked the making of spray triggers from 100% recycled plastic. Sooo, our bottles are 100% recycled plastic, but the triggers/pumps are currently just 25% PCR (post consumer recycled). Rest assured that we’re working hard to fix that. Meantime we've selected the most durable/long-lasting design we could find.

Almost our entire product line-up is manufactured in the USA (aside from the triggers and pumps which are produced in China). 

It is estimated that 80-90% of cleaning products are made with water.  We aren't math whizz's but we'd venture to say that we will be saving a ton of carbon by shipping concentrated powders instead of big jugs that contain mostly liquid.  You have water so no reason to pay for it!   

That said, one of the key projects we intend to do is better understand our carbon footprint and how we can offset it.  Our mission is to be an impact first business and we take that very seriously.  More to come soon!  

We plan to empower you to eliminate SUP’s from every part of your home. We’ll be expanding WildClean with that in mind while maintaining our commitment to using only non-toxic, sustainable and up-cycled materials.

We’re all recovering polluters who reached their individual epiphanies in different ways, but all arrived at the same place: fury at the state of the world, worry for our kids, and immense frustration that making personal changes at home was so bloody difficult. 

Truthfully it's not about cleaning, so much as impact, and cleaning is just the start point. We're trying to figure this out in our own homes (in real time) and we want to enable others to also make small, simple, sometimes imperfect, changes.

WildClean is certified: 

  • Plastic-negative (brand & products), by
  • We are B Corp certified.
  • Our packaging film is industrial compostable by ASTM D6400 standards.
  • We are certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny.


Great question! We’re absolutely not claiming to be curing the current environmental catastrophe overnight, on our own. We’re recovering polluters who fall off that wagon most days, so we’re a long way from being perfect. But, reflecting our deep passion for the environment and commitment to helping save it: 

  • We’re big believers that doing lots of small things imperfectly is better than trying to one thing perfectly, and we want to enable you to follow that mantra.
  • We’re one of the world’s first certified plastic-negative cleaning co! That means that every time you buy a bottle from us you’re actually REDUCING plastic in waste streams thanks to our partnership with For every WildClean bottle you purchase we’ll fund community reclamation of 2 x that volume of plastic from waste streams in an impoverished community in India.
  • Our refillable ‘forever’ bottles are made from up-cycled waste plastic, that would otherwise go to landfill or wash around the sea, and they’re designed to last.
  • Our packaging is made from sustainable materials and is 100% home compostable, thus adding no waste to landfill.
  • We’re focussed on:
    1. being net benefit to the earth
    2. striving to be better
    3. helping bolster the growing global movement for fundamental change in the way we live.

Plastic neutral means that for every amount of plastic created and sold by a business, the equivalent volume of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the environment. Basically, you offset the equal of what you produce/sell. Plastic negative means we fund the removal of twice as much plastic waste from nature as we use in our bottles (which are already made from reclaimed waste plastic). We do this through our partnership with - for every product purchased, WildClean enables the removal of low-value plastic waste that would otherwise be landfilled or flushed into the oceans every year.

It really couldn’t be simpler: we deliver you powerful, scientifically formulated, dissolvable, non-toxic cleaners, in home compostable packaging, with ‘forever’ bottles made from up-cycled waste plastic! 

  1. You order a starter kit to suit (Kit n Kaboodle, Clean Freak, Hands-up, or The Naked Cleaner) and we’ll send you the requisite bottle(s) and dissolvable powders, delivered to your door.
  2. You pour warm water into the bottles from your very own home tap, then pour in the appropriate powder(s).
  3. Shake, dissolve & conquer!
  4. Set up your recurring subscription.
  5. Refer your friends, and bask in the knowledge that you’ll be eliminating thousands of single-use plastic bottles from the world over your lifetime - about 50 a year from your household alone, to be exact.

Actually, no! But subscribing to refills will save you 15% on your recurring orders. You'll never run out, and you can modify, bring forward, pause or cancel your subscription any time before your order ships using your Wild account. We'll charge you at the same time your recurring order ships, and we'll even remind you before it all happens, so you can modify your order to suit.

No problem at all. You can cancel at any time.

We've set your choice of delivery frequency to keep freight, and carbon emissions, to a minimum. You can choose to have your order delivered every 4, 8 or 12 weeks, and increase the number of refills in your order if you need refills more often than that. We encourage you to order more refills, less frequently if you can, to reduce carbon emissions. Our refills are small, so super easy to store in a drawer or a repurposed container while they await their debut. 

We totally get that! It can be hard to estimate your use. No issue: if you run out early simply order up a pack for immediate delivery. You can choose to either bring your next order forward, or bundle the interim order with your next one so that you receive them together and avoid the risk of running out again.

Great question! Where to start? 

  1. WildClean is the world’s first plastic-negative cleaning co. That means that for every WildClean forever bottle you buy from us, you're repurposing waste plastic and eliminating future throwaway plastic, plus we’ll pay to reclaim 2 bottles' worth of waste plastic from the Wild through our partnership with, doubling your impact.
  2. Our products are natural, non-toxic, scientifically formulated and as efficacious as Big Clean chemical cleaners (thus you eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic bottles, freighted water, and chemicals).
  3. All of our packaging is 100% home compostable, thus creating no downstream waste (unlike Big Clean’s yearly tidal wave of single-use plastic bottles).
  4. Our bottles are made from up-cycled waste plastic, and designed to last a lifetime, enabling you to eliminate thousands of single-use bottles over your lifetime - about 50 a year for the average household, to be exact.
  5. We're certified Carbon Negative, by CarbonClick, because we double offset our emissions.
  6. And finally: we deliver to you!

Our refillable forever bottles are made from reclaimed HDPE from a mix of sources (predominantly ocean bound, and curbside). While the toppers (triggers and pumps) are only 25% up-cycled plastic (urrgh) but are recyclable (check your local council recycling policy as this will differ from region to region). We’re working on a 100% up-cycled replacement to both (100% up-cycled content failed badly in initial trials).

Yep - that’s quite a debate. 

For starters we felt passionate about finding ways to repurpose all of that plastic that is washing around the planet. Plastic, in and of itself, is arguably not the problem. How we’ve been using it is. But anything that isn’t single-use is a step forward. 

As regards glass vs plastic, well: 

  • Glass is infinitely recyclable; plastic loses its integrity over recycling cycles. So the key, there, is to take that out of the equation by making them to last (and be recyclable only at distant end-of-life). 
  • However, glass requires more energy to manufacture and recycle. 
  • Glass costs more to ship because it’s heavier.
  • Glass is more expensive to recycle, and it can create six times more global warming gases than virgin plastic. 
  • Recycled plastic is even better, obviously, than virgin, creating 8 x less global warming gases than glass.
  • Oh, and glass is breakable…. 

Nope - they are the very antithesis of single-use. They are custom designed for durability and longevity, meaning you ought to be able to hand them down to your grandkids.

Aw shut up Dad. Nope - WildClean bottles are a heap better. Here’s how: 

  • Single-use supermarket brand bottles are mostly made from oil extracted from the ground. Some are made from other materials like sugarcane (cool) but they’re still single-use, which sucks.
  • That oil is extracted, transported to a factory, turned into plastic, then transported to another factory to be filled, then to a distribution centre and onwards to supermarkets.
  • You drive to the supermarket and buy the bottles, take them home, use them, then chuck them into your trash (recycling or landfill)
  • Only 9% of all the 11 billion tonnes of plastic ever created has been recycled. And only 1.2% has been recycled and is still in use. So chances are, your single-use supermarket brand bottles will wind up in a big hole in the ground where they will take hundreds of years to break down.
  • WildClean bottles, on the other hand, are made from plastic that’s already been through all of that and has been volunteered to go several more rounds (largely curbside and ocean-bound waste)

They most certainly are! Their PH is approximately bang on for both.

They most certainly are! Their PH is approximately bang on for both.

Yes - we do not test on animals. We are certified by Leaping Bunny.  

Yes! They’re also boron free.

Hell yes! We’ve spent over a year designing waste out of our product & packaging programme. 

Our packaging is pieced together with organic materials that have no toxins, and is certified to breakdown and disappear in less than 26 weeks. 

The U.S. produces 4.5 pounds of waste per person, per day. Up to 30% of the waste sent to landfills is packaging waste! How much good can a healthy, sustainable product do when it is wrapped in layers of single-use plastic?  Our film is 100% certified industrial compostable materials under ASTM D6400.  Please check with your local supplier to see if they will work with our packaging!  

Right now we’re using material made from up-cycled waste plastic (ocean bound and curbside) for our infinitely refillable (forever) bottles, and sustainable sources (eg FSC and PEFC accredited pulp, and non GMO sources like sugar cane, cassava and corn) for our packaging. 

We’ll always seek to support the preservation of our natural environment by eradicating single-use plastic, and using up-cycled waste and sustainable materials.

Currently there is no agreed New Zealand standard for home compostable packaging and commercial compost systems are currently limited in New Zealand. The Ministry for Environment (MfE) is currently working on a compostable packaging position statement to be finalised in early 2022.

Not at this stage, sorry. We're what the hip kids in silicon valley call a ‘Digital Vertical Native Brand’. Which is just a glib way of saying WildClean is an online, direct to customer, subscription and e-comm brand only. In time we may stock physical retail stores, but we’re a little busy right now...

If you’re not delighted with your purchase then please contact our crack Customer Experience crew straightaway (via Live chat, email or phone). If we simply can't put it right, then you can return it to us within 30 days of receiving it, using registered NZPost, and we'll refund you the product purchase price upon receipt.

You can check, and make changes to your order by logging into your Account Page. Otherwise, get in touch (Live chat, [email protected] or 04-888-0303) and we’ll help answer any questions you have.

You can expect delivery in 3-5 days.

Spend over $35 with us and we'll freight your order for free. 

For orders under $35 we charge a flat, NZ wide $8 shipping fee. It doesn't actually cover the cost, but it helps keep us watered! 

Truthfully we think most promises of free freight/shipping are hollow, because we know that the cost is buried in the price of the product. So we've sought to be transparent about the cost, and at what level of purchase we ask that you cover it versus when we do.

Currently, only in the continental US.  

When you place an order, in the case of one-off orders; or when each dispatch is processed, in the case of on-going subscriptions.

You’ll receive an email confirmation with tracking info.

You bet. We want you to love WildClean so we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Yuss! We all know that those toppers aren’t designed to last a lifetime (unlike the bottles). We've selected the toughest, most durable models we could source, but if/when they fail, get in touch and we’ll replace them (and willingly take responsibility for your old one if you’re uncomfortable doing that).

From time to time we offer special deals. If you really want to get the best WildClean deals then: 

  1. Sign up for ongoing subscriptions which come with an ongoing 15% discount off the retail price.
  2. Refer friends! For every one that buys from WildClean using your referral code, we'll give you one month's free supply of WildClean (4x refills).

You can buy them each time as a one-off purchase, or subscribe and you'll:

  • Save 15%
  • Never run out
  • Have them delivered direct to your door.

You can modify, bring forward, pause or cancel your subscription order at any time before it ships. We'll charge you at the time your order is sent out, and we'll even remind you it's about the be sent, so you can make any last minute modifications. How's that?!

We recommend filling the bottle with warm water first, then pouring in the appropriate powder, attaching the trigger/pump, and giving the bottle a shake. It'll take about 20 seconds to fully mix.

Plastic-negative means that through our partnership with we fund the removal of twice as much plastic waste from nature as we use in our bottles (which are already made from reclaimed waste plastic). So for every product purchased, WildClean enables the removal of low-value plastic waste that would otherwise be landfilled or flushed into the oceans every year.

 Our products are free of isothiazolinones, bleach, ammonia, phthalates, parabens, and phosphates.

Our forever spray bottles are 500ml (17oz), and the foaming hand soap bottles are 325ml (11oz).

WildClean bottles are made from 90% up-cycled waste plastic, so every bottle you buy removes 0.9 bottles from the wild.

On top of this, for every bottle we sell, we reclaim the equivalent of 1 bottle of waste plastic from the wild, which more than doubles the impact of your bottles.

When you buy a refill, you’re effectively preventing 1 single-use bottle from ending up in the wild, so we add 1 bottle to your impact total for every refill purchased.

Finally, when you refer a friend to WildClean, we reckon you can take some of the credit for their impact as well. The average household chucks out 50 single-use plastic cleaning bottles annually. We’re new, but we conservatively estimate the average customer to stick with WildClean for two years, so we’re attributing half of the number of refills we expect your friend to purchase during their time with us to you. Ka rawe!


Easy as! When you next place a WildClean order, be sure to log-in to your account on the website, and choose to pay using store credit.

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